An aesthetic body is built via low body fat and a high muscle to fat ratio. This is acheiveable through weight lifting, whereas cardio alone would create a physique with less muscle. The reason muscle is key is because it creates a more pleasant body shape and silhouette. The look of a human body's developed muscles is exquisite to see. Our muscles control and aid our joints. As we extend our arms, our Triceps contract, just how if we flex our arms, the Biceps contract. To have good muscle tone allows you to see the underpinnings.

Humans are fascinated with animation. Change is life. To be supple, strong, and to have energy and strength at disposal should be a right to all people, and yet it is not enjoyed many. We live in a world concerned with finances above all else, whereas I find that health is the most important. A strong mind goes along with a strong physique. In order to experience said greatness certain disciplines are in order. When things are an emergency, it's easy to make choices rapidly, whereas a world without deadlines can move at a snail's pace. So lets start a fire, and do our best to not let it extinguish.